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Liste des sujets (E3C 2020, 2ème trimestre) - 77 sujets
CorrigéTitreThèmeCorrigé partie 2
CorrigéTitreThèmeCorrigé partie 2
00065 CorrectionOuiErik Gomez : Through the eyes of a child immigrant1 Identité échangeNon
00066 CorrectionOuiPrince Harry on the importance of role models2 EspacesNon
00068 CorrectionOuiTiny homes for the homeless2 EspacesNon
00070 CorrectionOuiA visit to Hyperloop One's Nevada test site6 Innovation responsabilitéNon
00071 CorrectionOuiGreat Britain returns Maori head to New Zealand8 Territoire mémoireNon
00072 CorrectionOuiBanksy sells Artwork for 60$ on New York City Streets3 Art pouvoirNon
00073 CorrectionOuiFake news and misinformation online4 Citoyenneté virtuelNon
00074NonGraffiti artist Banksy setting up studio in New York City for a month3 Art pouvoirNon
00075NonFrom the Caribbean to the UK1 Identité échangeNon
00085NonInnovative technology for the needs and health of elders7 Diversité inclusionNon
00093 CorrectionOuiThrough the eyes of a child immigrant1 Identité échangeNon
00106NonA New Trend in museums2 EspacesNon
00109NonFollowing the News1 Identité échangeNon
00138NonDiversity at West Point Military Academy7 Diversité inclusionNon
00140NonHidden Figures7 Diversité inclusionNon
00141NonA look at the 9/11 Memorial8 Territoire mémoireNon
00144NonChoosing babies' traits5 Fiction réalitéNon
00155NonInclusion at Coralwood School, Decatur, Georgia7 Diversité inclusionNon
00159NonTribal Tohono O'Odham Nation rejects President Trump's US-Mexico border wall that would divide them1 Identité échangeNon
00160NonCCTV cameras in the UK2 EspacesNon
00161NonWhy 'deepfake' videos are becoming more difficult to detect4 Citoyenneté virtuelNon
00189NonThe new Statue of Liberty museum opens to public8 Territoire mémoireNon
00243NonCanadian's Prime Minister Trudeau on Gender Equality2 EspacesNon
00244NonSophia, the human-like robot6 Innovation responsabilitéNon
00270NonGap year students1 Identité échangeNon
00279NonKathrine Switzer and the Boston Marathon7 Diversité inclusionNon
00284NonWho is New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern2 EspacesNon
00304NonResearching the spread of fake news4 Citoyenneté virtuelNon
00392NonStudying abroad1 Identité échangeNon
00469Non"The Handmaid's Tale"; a warning for a new generation not to take rights for granted5 Fiction réalitéNon
00470NonPaying Londoners for recycling6 Innovation responsabilitéNon
00472 CorrectionOuiReawakening Australia's Aboriginal languages1 Identité échangeNon
00473 CorrectionOuiStudents strike over climate change in Australia1 Identité échangeNon
00474NonAffective Robots6 Innovation responsabilitéNon
00518 CorrectionOuiFacial recognition and the world of commerce4 Citoyenneté virtuelNon
00529NonJacinda Ardern. A Woman in Government. (CBS)2 EspacesNon
00667NonWill robots take our jobs ?6 Innovation responsabilitéNon
00766NonMuffet McGraw, Notre Dame coach, pleads for gender equality7 Diversité inclusionNon
00788NonA look at the 9/11 Memorial8 Territoire mémoireNon
ANonA museum in Cape Town3 Art pouvoirNon
BNonMichelle Obama gives advice to girls7 Diversité inclusionNon
CNonDoes Grand Canyon belong to native American Tribes ?8 Territoire mémoireNon
DNonArtists and climate change3 Art pouvoirNon
ENonWomen wear Handmaid costumes to protest bill5 Fiction réalitéNon
FNonNew warning about high-tech smart homes and security6 Innovation responsabilitéNon
GNonWho is Extinction Rebellion ?News6 Innovation responsabilitéNon
HNonVoluntourism1 Identité échangeNon
INonObama honors Lincoln5 Fiction réalitéNon
JNonSpace Junk Collector6 Innovation responsabilitéNon
KNonWill your job get outsourced to a robot ?6 Innovation responsabilitéNon
LNonCode breaking computer Alan Turing to be celebrated on new £50 note8 Territoire mémoireNon
MNonSydney teachers and Youtube - YouTube Opened Its Doors to Sydney High School Teachers4 Citoyenneté virtuelNon
NNonSome employers are reconsidering telework2 EspacesNon
ONonCommemorating World War I3 Art pouvoirNon
PNonLori Lightfoot wins mayoral race2 EspacesNon
Q CorrectionOuiThe History of the GWGC Ypres Menin Gate Memorial8 Territoire mémoireNon
RNonCrazy Horse Memorial Korczak Ziolkowski's tribute to a native American hero8 Territoire mémoireNon
S CorrectionOuiAFROPUNK : the new counterculture Oui
TNon100th Anniversary of the Passage of the 19th Amendment7 Diversité inclusionNon
UNonIdentity theft on social networks4 Citoyenneté virtuelNon
VNonThe U.N. Climate Action Summit6 Innovation responsabilitéNon
WNonPublic and private space in Jane Austen's novels2 EspacesNon
XNonJacinda Ardern. A Woman in Government. (NBC)2 EspacesNon
YNonHow a museum is using Americans artefacts to help immigrants7 Diversité inclusionNon
ZNonLeonardo DiCaprio on the environment6 Innovation responsabilitéNon
ZANonSenior citizens test out new worlds w... Non
ZBNonSharice Davids makes history Non
ZCNonSpace tourism Non
ZDNonThe US forever worker Non
Zéro11NonDoes Globalization Destroy Culture?1 Identité échangeNon
Zéro12NonDoes Globalization Destroy Culture?1 Identité échangeNon
Zéro31NonAndy Warhol: Pop, Power and Politics3 Art pouvoirNon
Zéro32NonAndy Warhol: Pop, Power and Politics3 Art pouvoirNon
Zéro33NonAndy Warhol: Pop, Power and Politics3 Art pouvoirNon
Zéro41 CorrectionOuiMeet Q, the gender-neutral voice assistant4 Citoyenneté virtuelNon
Zéro42 CorrectionOuiMeet Q, the gender-neutral voice assistant4 Citoyenneté virtuelNon
Zéro7NonUniversity of South Carolina marks 50th anniversary of desegregation7 Diversité inclusionNon
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