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Liste des sujets : Langue Vivante A/B EC1 2021 - 114 sujets
04200‑066NonBlack British History We’re Not Taught in Schools1 Identité échange
04201‑067NonBuilding the border wall1 Identité échange
04202‑068NonConditional Citizens by Laila Lalami1 Identité échange
04203‑069 CorrectionOuiErik Gomez: through the eyes of a child immigrant1 Identité échange
04204‑070NonFrom the Caribbean to the UK1 Identité échange
04205‑071NonGap year students1 Identité échange
04206‑072NonHugh Jackman on Aborigines1 Identité échange
04207‑073NonLiving like a Victorian Man1 Identité échange
04208‑074NonObama: Diversity Makes us Stronger, Creative, Different1 Identité échange
04209‑075 CorrectionOuiReawakening Australia’s Aboriginal languages1 Identité échange
04210‑076NonRoll with the Sikh Riders of America1 Identité échange
04211‑077 CorrectionOuiStudents strike over climate change in Australia1 Identité échange
04212‑078NonStudying abroad1 Identité échange
04213‑079NonTribal Tohono O’Odham Nation rejects President Trump’s US-Mexico border wall that would divide them1 Identité échange
04214‑080 CorrectionOuiVoluntourism: what is it and how many people are doing it?1 Identité échange
04215‑081NonA feminist history of witches2 Espaces
04216‑082 CorrectionOuiA new trend in museums2 Espaces
04217‑083NonAir New Zealand changes rules2 Espaces
04218‑084NonCanadian Prime Minister Trudeau on gender equality2 Espaces
04219‑085NonCCTV cameras in the UK2 Espaces
04220‑086NonJacinda Ardern, a woman in government (NBC)2 Espaces
04221‑087NonLori Lightfoot wins historic Chicago mayoral race2 Espaces
04222‑088NonMeghan Markle and Prince Harry sue for invasion of privacy2 Espaces
04223‑089NonMeghan's Message of Female Empowerment in Fiji2 Espaces
04224‑090NonNew Zealand unveils well-being budget2 Espaces
04225‑091 CorrectionOuiPrince Harry on the importance of role models2 Espaces
04226‑092NonPublic and private space in Jane Austen’s novels2 Espaces
04227‑093NonRefusing to buy heels2 Espaces
04228‑094 CorrectionOuiSharice Davids makes history2 Espaces
04229‑095NonSome employers are reconsidering telework2 Espaces
04230‑096NonThe US forever worker2 Espaces
04231‑097 CorrectionOuiTiny homes for the homeless2 Espaces
04232‑098 CorrectionOuiWho is New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern?2 Espaces
04233‑099NonA museum in Cape Town3 Art pouvoir
04234‑100 CorrectionOuiAFROPUNK: the new counter culture3 Art pouvoir
04235‑101NonArtists and climate change3 Art pouvoir
04236‑102NonBanksy painting self destructs3 Art pouvoir
04237‑103 CorrectionOuiBanksy sells artwork for $60 on New York City streets3 Art pouvoir
04238‑104NonBanksy's gift to the NHS3 Art pouvoir
04239‑105NonCommemorating World War 13 Art pouvoir
04240‑106NonGraffiti artist Banksy setting up studio in New York City for a month3 Art pouvoir
04241‑107NonThe Art of the Polynesian Tattoo3 Art pouvoir
04242‑108NonStatue of Black Lives Matter protester replaces slave trader statue3 Art pouvoir
04243‑109NonWhy ‘deepfake’ videos are becoming more difficult to detect4 Citoyenneté virtuel
04244‑110NonEducational apps and parent-child interaction4 Citoyenneté virtuel
04245‑111 CorrectionOuiFacial recognition and the world of commerce4 Citoyenneté virtuel
04246‑112 CorrectionOuiFake news and misinformation online4 Citoyenneté virtuel
04247‑113 CorrectionOuiIdentity theft on social networks4 Citoyenneté virtuel
04248‑114NonLiving through others4 Citoyenneté virtuel
04249‑115NonNYPD uses virtual reality to teach teens4 Citoyenneté virtuel
04250‑116NonResearching the spread of fake news4 Citoyenneté virtuel
04251‑117NonSenior citizens test out new worlds with virtual reality4 Citoyenneté virtuel
04252‑118NonYouTube opened its doors to train Sydney high school teachers4 Citoyenneté virtuel
04253‑119NonTech companies stop selling facial recognition software to police4 Citoyenneté virtuel
04254‑120NonDirector Steve McQueen’s film Twelve Years a Slave5 Fiction réalité
04255‑121NonDr Michio Kaku on the future of cars5 Fiction réalité
04256‑122NonFrom science fiction to reality5 Fiction réalité
04257‑123Non“The Handmaid’s Tale”: a warning for a new generation not to take rights for granted5 Fiction réalité
04258‑124NonHow does science fiction influence the real world?5 Fiction réalité
04259‑125NonLong-lost Nessie monster prop found in Loch Ness5 Fiction réalité
04260‑126NonObama honors Lincoln5 Fiction réalité
04261‑127NonRussell Banks on fiction and reality5 Fiction réalité
04262‑128NonSci-fi films and series affect science and technology5 Fiction réalité
04263‑129NonStephen King talks about writing and inspiration5 Fiction réalité
04264‑130NonWomen wear ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ costumes to protest bill5 Fiction réalité
04265‑131 CorrectionOuiA Visit to Hyperloop One’s Nevada Test Site6 Innovation responsabilité
04266‑132 CorrectionOuiAffective robots6 Innovation responsabilité
04267‑133NonAI expert Toby Walsh on killer robots6 Innovation responsabilité
04268‑134NonApollo 136 Innovation responsabilité
04269‑135 CorrectionOuiChoosing babies’ traits6 Innovation responsabilité
04270‑136NonCoastal cities call on nature for protection6 Innovation responsabilité
04271‑137NonCommercial space flights6 Innovation responsabilité
04272‑138NonWho is Extinction Rebellion? Lucy Craig’s story6 Innovation responsabilité
04273‑139NonHurricane Dorian makes landfall in Canada6 Innovation responsabilité
04274‑140NonKoalas will become extinct6 Innovation responsabilité
04275‑141NonLeonardo DiCaprio on the environment6 Innovation responsabilité
04276‑142NonNASA unveils date to launch astronauts from American soil for first time since 20116 Innovation responsabilité
04278‑143NonPaying Londoners for recycling6 Innovation responsabilité
04279‑144NonSophia, the human-like robot6 Innovation responsabilité
04281‑145NonNASA opens International Space Station to tourists6 Innovation responsabilité
04282‑146NonWill robots take our jobs?6 Innovation responsabilité
04283‑147NonWill your job get outsourced to a robot?6 Innovation responsabilité
04284‑148NonInclusion at Coralwood School, Decatur, Georgia7 Diversité inclusion
04285‑149Non100th Anniversary of the Passage of the 19th Amendment7 Diversité inclusion
04286‑150NonAustralia’s indigenous people say they’re still suffering legacy of British colonialism7 Diversité inclusion
04287‑151NonAustralia Day: Should we change the date?7 Diversité inclusion
04288‑152NonDiversity at West Point Military Academy7 Diversité inclusion
04289‑153NonMuffet McGraw, Notre Dame coach, pleads for gender equality7 Diversité inclusion
04290‑154NonHidden Figures7 Diversité inclusion
04292‑155NonInnovative technology for the needs and health of elders7 Diversité inclusion
04293‑156NonKathrine Switzer and the Boston marathon7 Diversité inclusion
04294‑157NonMichelle Obama gives advice to girls7 Diversité inclusion
04295‑158NonPortrait of a hero, Bruno Serato7 Diversité inclusion
04296‑159NonRecognition of Australian Aborigines as individuals7 Diversité inclusion
04297‑160NonStudents on the Autism Spectrum at Park Vista High School1 Receive Tennis Lessons7 Diversité inclusion
04298‑161NonWhat it means to be an American7 Diversité inclusion
04299‑162NonA look at the 9/11 Memorial8 Territoire mémoire
04300‑163 CorrectionOuiCode breaking computer scientist Alan Turing to be celebrated on new £50 note8 Territoire mémoire
04301‑164NonBrexit stirs up old divide in Northern Ireland8 Territoire mémoire
04302‑165NonBringing “The Wall that Heals” to communities across the country8 Territoire mémoire
04303‑166NonCivil War reenactement at school8 Territoire mémoire
04305‑167NonDoes Grand Canyon belong to Native American tribes?8 Territoire mémoire
04307‑168NonHow Britain’s role in slavery and empire shaped America8 Territoire mémoire
04308‑169NonIndigenous fire methods have been used to put an end to bushfires for thousands of years8 Territoire mémoire
04309‑170NonThe British use poppies to commemorate WW18 Territoire mémoire
04310‑171NonRemembering D-Day8 Territoire mémoire
04311‑172 CorrectionOuiThe History of the CWGC Ypres Menin Gate Memorial8 Territoire mémoire
04312‑173NonThe new Statue of Liberty Museum opens to public8 Territoire mémoire
04313‑174NonBlack British History We’re Not Taught in Schools1 Identité échange
04315‑175NonHow a museum is using American artefacts to help immigrants7 Diversité inclusion
Spécimen11 CorrectionOuiGlobalization: harmful or helpful ? Does Globalization Destroy Culture?1 Identité échange
Spécimen31 CorrectionOuiArt, politics and influence - Andy Warhol: Pop, Power and Politics3 Art pouvoir
Spécimen41 CorrectionOuiCan technology improve the society we live in ? Meet Q, the gender-neutral voice assistant4 Citoyenneté virtuel
Spécimen7 CorrectionOuiPaving the way for change and inclusion - University of South Carolina marks 50th anniversary of desegregation7 Diversité inclusion
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